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Monday, March 09, 2015

Last week's adventure

While the weather service says we have had fewer frigid days this year, and that we are down a bit on rainfall, it's sure hard to prove it by me.

A few weeks ago, we got an ice storm. No, it didn't last long but we still prepped for it by making sure we had plenty of water drawn up, plenty of groceries on hand, and plenty of butane for the little e-stoves I use for cooking. Thankfully, the power didn't go off for us but it did fail for thousands of others.

Then last week, we got about 6 inches of snow on top of a thick layer of sleet and freezing rain. That made any driving treacherous so most of us just stayed home. Again, plenty of preps for cooking and plenty of water stored back.

I was actually at my Sister's house for the week when the snowy weather occurred. Where she lives there was about 8 inches of snow. I stayed next door at my Mother's mobile home and it was hard trekking across the driveway and yard morning and night. I was able to use Sis's "ice trekkers", which are chains that slip onto your shoes to help provide traction in the ice and snow. They really helped a lot.

Friday of last week, we started pulling things out of her storage building to take to a local craft sale/yard sale scheduled for Saturday. Sis has a garden wagon (one of those big, heavy, steel wagons) that we used to haul the goods to her van in the driveway. The shed is about a half acre away from the driveway and the ground was deep with snow. It kept building up on the wagon's wheels, which made them stop rolling and made us have to literally drag it across the deep snow in the yard. It took 3 trips back and forth to get everything she'd planned to sell. We were totally exhausted with that project but still had to take it all to the fairgrounds where the sale was being held, off-load it, and set it up on the tables. I had a lot of crocheted and knitted items plus some peach jam and pineapple topping to put in the sale

The next morning, we got up before 5 a.m. to get ready and head to the sale. We wanted to be there shortly after 6 a.m. and make sure we had it all arranged, had our chairs ready, and had our money box set up. After that, it was a matter of sitting there, talking to folks, and hoping for a sale. Kind of like fishing! Mid-morning, Sis went back to her house to get Mom. We didn't want Mom walking on the ice so early in the morning and by the time Sis went to get her, the ice was pretty much melted.

It was a long day for almost no reward other than having something different to do for the day. Not nearly as many people came to buy as they had in years past. I don't think anyone made much.

Since I got back home it's done nothing but rain. Everything outside is soggy and muddy, making tending the animals pretty miserable.


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